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UNICON 11 Muni Fun Rides

UNICON 11 Muni Fun Rides

The Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks

Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks
Megalist of Cycling Bookmarks
Unicycle Links - The bookmark lists are a standard bookmark files exported from IE. They can be imported to IE, Mozilla, or most any other browser. If I missed a link in there somewhere you can send it to me and I'll add it in. Last updated December 9, 2005.

New Kewl System Skill Level Rating

NKS Unicycle Skills Rating spreadsheet
See the thread whats your NKS rating? for info on the system. The spreadsheet download is a zip file containing an spreadsheet file and an Excel spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet was created using Calc and the Excel version was exported from Calc.

Gallery Downloader Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet that downloads videos from the gallery: gallery downloader
Right-click on the gallery downloader link and save it as a bookmark or favorite.

The bookmarklet will display a page with a download link and will also initiate a download of the file. There is a problem though in that the browser will likely want to display the file inline rather than prompting for a download. That is because the HTTP response headers for the file say to display the file inline rather than as an attachment. The browser will do as it is told and display the video inline. That's not what we want it to do if we want to save the file. The solution is to fiddle with the MIME types that the browser uses to figure out how to display inline content. Fortunately that is easy to change in Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately not so easy to change in IE. The suggested solution in IE is to right-click on the download link that the bookmarklet creates and do a "Save Target As..." to save the file.

To use the bookmarklet first navigate to a gallery page that plays a video then run the bookmarklet by selecting it from your Favorites / Bookmark list. The bookmarklet will run and initiate the download of the video.

To modify the MIME type behavior in Firefox:
  1. Tools >> Options >> Downloads
  2. Download Actions: View & Edit Actions... button
  3. For each video file content type / extension choose Change Action...
  4. Change the default action to "Save them on my Computer"
  5. The common video video extensions are: WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, MP4, RM
To modify the MIME type behavior in Opera:
  1. Tools >> Preferences...
  2. Advanced tab >> Downloads
  3. For each video file MIME content type choose Edit...
  4. Change the default action to "Save to disk"
  5. Alternatively you can choose Delete to delete the entire MIME type

The bookmarklet should now prompt to save the file to disk instead of trying to display the file inline.

A couple of notes for anyone looking at the code or considering writing a bookmarklet:
IE 6 limits bookmarkeltes to 508 characters which is why the code for my bookmarklet is a bit terse and not as fancy as I would like.
The Bookmarklet Editor is a handy little editor for working with bookmarklet code.

Bad Dell LCD Monitor

Picture of Dell LCD monitor with bad B/W color (387 KB)
Smaller picture of Dell LCD monitors (61 KB)
Monitor on the left is bad. Monitor on the right is good.