Rat Pac Trail

Description: Rat Pac is a semi-secret trail near Roslyn. It's a downhill freeride kind of trail with a few big stunts built up that are too big for a unicycle to do. It is not rocky or rooty. Just downhill fun. The trail is currently threatened by logging. The very bottom section of the trail has already been logged. Hopefully they will be able to save the trail from being logged.

The climb up to the trail is on a logging road. The climb is about 2.75 miles long and gains 1280 feet of elevation. Do the math and that is about an 8.5% average grade. The base of the climb is at 2250 feet and the top is at 3530 feet. It's a tough climb up. There are some good views up at the top of the ridge where the trail starts. The trail is about 3.75 or 4 miles long.

Roslyn is an old coal mine town. The starting area for the ride is right by one of the old mines (it's been caped with concrete). Along the ride there are areas with black coal dust on the trail.

Location: Near Roslyn and Cle Elum on the east side of the pass about 1 hour from Mount Si High School
Distance: 6.5 miles.
Difficulty: Advanced
The Trail: Climb the logging road for 2.75 miles. The Rat Pac trail will be on your right. Ride down the trail, conquer the log ride, marvel at some huge drops, enjoy the swoops and turns, and don't bite it on the steep loose downhill. Pizza and beer in Roslyn.
Notes: There is water, beer and food in Roslyn

Pack some basic tools with you. It is a long walk back to the car if you have a mechanical.

When parking at the trailheads do not leave valuables in the car.

Getting There:
Overview of route:   Driving directions and map
Roslyn detail view:   Driving directions and map
    After you get to Shaft Street, trun right onto a dirt road and head up to where the climb starts. The Topo map shows the route on the dirt road.
Maps: Rat Pac Topo Map 277 KB