Equipment - Adjustable Cranks

Adjustable crank idea - Unicyclist Community
Adjustable Crank Ideas - Gallery
da Vinci Designs adjustable cranks
High Sierra Adjustable length crankarm
Pix of my CrazyCranks adjustable cranks - Unicyclist Community
PowerCranks adjustable crank
Purely Custom adjustable length crankarm set. 155-185mm

Equipment - Air Seats

air seat - GB4 Air Seat Construction (PDF file)
air seat - Miyata airseat conversions for dummies
air seat - muni airseat conversion
Wallis Design - MuniPage

Equipment - Maintenance

G Sport BMX - Tire Puncture Repair
G Sport BMX - Wheel Truing
G-Sport BMX - Wheel Build Guide
Installing bearings - thread 1
Installing cranks - thread 1
Installing cranks - thread 2
Installing cranks - thread 3
Installing cranks - thread 4
LiveWire Unicycles - Technical Articles
Magura brake lever replacement
Magura Cult Homepage
Overhaul Or Replace Unicycle Bearings by Brian MacKenzie
Overhaul Pedal Bearings by Brian MacKenzie
Sheldon Brown - Building Bicycle Wheels
Sheldon Brown - Flat Tire Repair
Sheldon Brown bike repair info
The Maintainance F.A.Q.
Unicycling FAQ -- Yoopers Fix for Miyata Saddles

Equipment - Unicycle Manufacturers

Koxx-One (French)
Koxx-One splash page
Kris Holm Unicycles - France
Kris Holm Unicycles - Germany
Kris Holm Unicycles - Hungary
Kris Holm Unicycles - North America
LiveWire Unicycles -- Custom Unicycles
Miyata MYS Japan
Onza Bikes & Unicycles
OSS Unicycles
Pichlerrad - Einräder
Profile Racing, Inc. - Only one but fun! - Only one but fun!
Rideable Bicycle Replicas -
Scott Bridman - MUNIAC MANOR
Semcycle Netherlands
Semcycle USA
Siegmono Cycle
Surly - Surlyville
Switzerland - Unikum Einradshop
The Penny-Farthing Homepage - Unicycles!
The Unicycle Factory's Home Page
Torker USA Bicycles and Unicycles - Australia - Germany - - New Zealand - Sweden - UK - USA
Wallis Design - MuniPage - Scott Wallis
Bedford Unicycles
Coker Tire (The Big One unicycle)
Creative Geckos
Creative Geckos; Accessories (ARCHIVE.ORG)
Creative Geckos; Accessories, Saddles, Grease Fittings
Creative Geckos; Rigid Frames (ARCHIVE.ORG)
Creative Geckos; rigid frames
Creative Geckos; Suspension Frames (ARCHIVE.ORG)
Creative Geckos; suspension frames
Dirt Uni custom made unicycles that shred
DM Unicycles
GAP Unicycles - Australia
GB4 Manufacturing - George Barnes
Hill Unicycles
Hunter Cycles
Japanese Suspension Unicycle - Strange

Equipment - Unicycle Shops

Australia - GAP Unicycles
Australia -
Australia -
Austria - The Penny-Farthing Homepage - Unicycles!
Canada - Bedford Unicycles
Denmark - Boel Denmark
France - Circus supply and unicycle shop
Germany - AJATA
Germany - Der kleine Zirkusladen
Germany - - Sportko
Germany - Kaskaderos jonglieren-feuer-magie
Germany - Pichlerrad - Einräder
Germany - -
Netherlands - Semcycle
New Zealand -
Sweden -
Switzerland - Unikum Einradshop
UK - Oddballs International Ltd
UK -
USA - Coker Tire
USA - Dirt Uni custom made unicycles that shred
USA - GB4 Manufacturing
USA - LiveWire Unicycles -- Custom Unicycles
USA - Rideable Bicycle Replicas
USA - Semcycle
USA - Sunrise Cyclery
USA - The Unicycle Factory


Ben's Unicycle Snow Chains
Greg Harper - Planetary geared hub
Outta Phaze Geared Unicycle
Snow Chains - Snowbound and Bruised - UniThom
Unicycle Product Reviews - London Unicycle Club
UniFrank - Planetary gear hub

Skills - Learning Skills

IUF Skill Levels
Our Uni Page - Tammy and Tanya Marsh
Skill Demos from Japan
The Unicycle Blog - by Leo Vandewoestijne
The Unicycle Blog - Standard Skills
The Unicycling Site
Unicycle Mounts
Unicycling Tips & Tutorials - By Andrew Carter and Peter van Boekhout
Unicyclopedia - Wikibooks
USA Skill Levels

Skills - Learning to Ride

How to ride a unicycle at
Just One Wheel - UniFanatic03
Our Uni Page - Tammy and Tanya Marsh
Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course!
The Unicycling Site - Learn to Unicycle
The Unicycling Site
Tips for beginners by Klaas Bil
Tips For Learning
Toronto Unicyclists Riding Tips Products Books NZ - Learn to ride FAQ UK - How do I learn to ride a unicycle FAQ USA - Tips For New Unicyclists FAQ
Unicycling Tips & Tutorials - By Andrew Carter and Peter van Boekhout

Skills - Skill Levels

IUF Rules - The Rule Book includes the levels requirements
IUF Skill Levels
New USA Skill Level System Proposal
NKS - New Kewl System skill level metric
NKS Unicycle Skills Rating Spreadsheet
The IUF unicycle levels - The Unicycle Blog
USA Rules - The Rule Book includes the levels requirements
USA Skill Levels Detailed
USA Skill Levels


Unicycle Galleries

zUnicycle Pictures

Ratherbekayaking - Webshots Community - Moab MUniFest 2003 (part 2)
Ratherbekayaking - Webshots Community - Moab MUniFest 2003
Seattle Gang press coverage - Unicycles News Stories
Seattle Gang press coverage - Unicyclist Community Gallery -- Articles
Steve Howard's Unicycle Projects
T.U.F. UNICYCLE Cartoon Collection
Tom Holub - Shutterfly Shared pictures
UNICON XII Photo Gallery
Unicycle Pictures from Thailand - slideshow
Unicycle Pictures from Thailand
Unicyclist Community Gallery -- Girlz that Grind-One-Wheeled Women--home of soon-2-B-released DVD
Unicyclist Community Gallery Historic unicycles
Unicyclist Community Gallery Jagur on video
Unicyclist Community Gallery John Foss Video Clips
Unicyclist Community Gallery john_childs
Unicyclist Community Gallery -- Local Progression (Falls City Muni)
Unicyclist Community Gallery Paco's Moab Pics
Unicyclist Community Gallery -- random orderz
Unicyclist Community Gallery Scot's pics from Moab 2003
Unicyclist Community Gallery Strongest Coker Wheel in the World
Unicyclist Community Gallery Tom Blackwood Uni Albums
Unicyclist Community Gallery UniBrier
Unicyclist Community Gallery Unicycle Pictures from the Uk
Unicyclist Community Gallery -- Vancouver Unicyclists
USS Bergall SSN 667, The First Fast Attack Unicycle
Webshots Community - bedford uni_penguin's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - Bedford_Unicycles's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - bedford_uni's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - curriedgoat's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - danger_uni's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - groves17's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - Moab 2003 - People & Scenery
Webshots Community - Moab 2003 - Riding
Webshots Community - muni_guy's Photo Home Page
Webshots Community - muni_nathan's Community Page
Webshots Community - wolfhowlmoon's Photo Home Page gallery board
Bruce Bundy 1999 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend
Flickr Photos tagged with unicycle
John Hooten's Stuff
Nathan's Digital Photos and home page
Ofoto Choose an album to view

Andrew_Carter - Gallery
FFM - Le monocycle pour tous
Flickr Photos tagged with unicycle
John Foss Photo Albums
Moab MUni Fest Gallery
Monotrials - French -
Nathan's Digital Photos and home page
The UnicyclopediaResources - Wikibooks
Uni videos selected by Matayo - Video Collection (French and English)
Unicycle Jester Video
Unicyclist Community - Gallery --- Videos
USS Bergall SSN 667, The First Fast Attack Unicycle

Unicycling - Fun Stuff

E.C.U (Elite Combat Unicyclists)
Entry of the Gladiators - MP3
Gilby AutoBalance™ Unicycle
League Against Poi - WWW.LPBK.NET
Rick Bissell's New IUF Skill Levels
Unicycle Fanatic Test -

Unicycling - History and General Info

1882 Unicycle - The Penny-Farthing Homepage - History
1884 Penny-Farthing unicycle article
BBC - h2g2 - Unicycles and Unicycling
History Timeline - Einrad Geschichte
Unicyclist Community Gallery Historic unicycles

Unicycling - Monowheels

Chinese Monocycle
Dicycles and Diwheels.
Kerry McLean's Monocycles
Motorwheels monowheels
Photo Gallery - McLean Wheel
Suncycle - Russian skateboard style monowheel
The RIOT Wheel - Single-Wheeled Vehicle
WheelSurf - monowheel - The Zeke Wheel

Unicycling - Ultimate Wheel

IOU - guide to making your own UW
Riding The Ultimate Wheel by David Bagley
The Ultimate Wheel

Unicycling - Unicycle Robotics

Athena Controls - Video Gallery
Elektrisches Einrad-Fahrzeug
Fotos und Clips vom Elektrischen Einrad
Loony Cycle
The electric unicycle or riding an inverted pendulum
The Eunicycle - The Electric Unicycle
Unicycle maths, physics & robots
Unicyclist Community Forums - 1-wheel Segway

Unicycling - Unicycle Web Games

.~° Equilibrium °~. Alternative link
.~° Equilibrium °~.
Extreme Unicycling - BBC - CBBC - Games
Extreme Unicycling - BBC - CBBC
Unicycle Challenge - GFX -- Monk Other
Unicycle Challenge -
Unicycle Challenge - Mousebreaker Free Online Games - Unicycle! Game
Unicycle Challenge - Play Unicycle Challenge flash game - Flash Games 247 - addicting flash games - free games
Unicycle Challenge - Unicycle Game - try to balance the unicycle with your mouse
Unicycle Challenge - Unicyclerider - Flash Game


50 inch Austrian big wheel
All things unicycling - Klaas Bil
Brett Bymaster - Muni FAQ
Bruce Holwerda - Unicycle Theme Art
Chris Taylor - The Canadian Unicycling Site
Extreme Unicycles and Bikes
Extreme Unicycling Dot Com
Jim Barlow - Riding the Impossible Wheel
Mike Hinson - Unicycle maths, physics references
Monociclo es Monociclos.Com - Spanish
Monotrials - French -
Tallest Unicycle World Record
The Physics of a Unicycle
The Unicycle Page - - The Uniac Unicycle
Unicycle Blog - - Leo
Unicycle PA
Unicycle World Record Regensburg 2005 - 1142 riders
Unicycling Tips & Tutorials - By Andrew Carter and Peter van Boekhout -- Let's Unicycle! -- John Foss Unicycling FAQ, the Unicyclist Community
Unicyclopedia - Wikibooks
Wobbling Unicyclist

Unicyclists - Clubs and Groups 1

Australia - ACT Unicycle Riders Society
Australia - Northern Territory - UniANT
Australia - Unicycle Frenzy - Club UFT - Sydney AU
Austria - The Penny-Farthing Homepage
Canada - Bishop's University Unicycle Club
Canada - Calgary Mountain Unipsychos
Canada - Canadian Unicycle Clubs
Canada - CirKids Vancouver Canada
Canada - Edmonton Unicycle Club Website!
Canada - London Unicycling Club - LUC - Twice As Fun On One
Canada - Ottawa Unipsycho Riders
Canada - Quebec - Association de Monocycle de Québec
Canada - Quebec - École de Cirque
Canada - Saskatoon Unicycle Club - SUNIC - Canada
Canada - Toronto Unicyclists- Fun on One Wheel
Canada - Vancouver Unicycling Club - Yahoo! Groups - vanunicycling
Canada - Vancouver Unicycling Club
Canada - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Denmark - CHANGHIGH - Circus ChangHigh
Denmark - Cirkus Flik Flak
Denmark - Copenhagen Unicycle Club- Københavns Unicykel Klub
Denmark - Fakse Ladeplads Uni Cykel Klub (FLUCK)
Denmark - Frederikssund Uni-Cyklister
Denmark - Fyns Unicykel Klub (FUK)
Denmark - H.U.C.K
Denmark - Jægerspris Cykelartister (JCA)
Denmark - Jyllinge Uni Cykel Entusiaster (JUCE)
Denmark - Kobenhavns Cirkus Klub
Denmark - RUCK - Ringsted Uni Cykel Klub
Denmark - Uni Kids - Velkommen til Uni Kids hjemmeside
Australia - ACT Unicycle Riders Society (ACTURS)

Unicyclists - Clubs and Groups 2

France - Fédération France Monocycliste (FFM)
France - Haut les Mains
France - Le Monocycle à Suresnes - French Unicycle Club
France - Les monoxydes - Asso de mono !
France - Vasipaulettes unicycle team
Germany - Berliner Einradtage
Germany - Einrad-Köste
Germany - Einradsport
Germany - Hockey - Deutsche Einradhockeyliga
Germany - The Eagles - Bottrop Germany - Willkommen bei den Eagles
Korea - Corea Unicycling Club (CUC)
Korea -
Netherlands - Circus Jopie
Puerto Rico - All Star Unicycle Basketball Team
Singapore - Singapore Unicyclists
Switzerland - ATB Landschlacht
Switzerland - Einrad Club Gretzenbach
Switzerland - Einradsport Hockey Freestyle - ATB
Switzerland - Einradtreff in Thundorf
The Unicycle Page -
Thunderwheels HO!
UK - Circus Skills Workshop - Shooting Stars
UK - Cumbria Muni & Trials Club
UK - Emunicyclists - Derby UK
UK - Idiots On Unicycles - IOU
UK - London Unicyclists (LUNI)
UK - RUniC - Ringwood Unicycle Club
UK - Scarborough Unicycle and Juggling
UK - Skylight Circus Arts
UK - Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club
UK - Union of UK Unicyclists

Unicyclists - Clubs and Groups 3

USA - Minnesota - Twin Cities Unicycle Club (TCUC)
USA - Mississippi - Golden Triangle Riders
USA - Missouri - St. Louis Juggling Club
USA - New Hampshire - Andover One Wheelers - AEMS One Wheelers Home Page
USA - New York - FLOW - Finger Lakes One Wheelers - NY
USA - New York Unicycle Club Home Page
USA - Pennsylvania - S.W.A.T. Single Wheeled Attack Team
USA - Pennsylvania - The Wonders Unicycle Club Home
USA - Pennsylvania - Unicycle PA - News
USA - Team Primitive
USA - Tennessee - Memphis Unicycle Club
USA - Tennessee - Plateau Unicycle Club - Crossville, TN
USA - Texas - Alamo Unicycle
USA - Texas - Uni-psychos Unicycle Club of Fort Worth, Texas
USA - Unicycle Club, PE Club, After School Programs
USA - Unicycle Clubs in the Unicycling Society of America
USA - Utah - Unicycle Utah
USA - Washington - The Cascade Jugglers
USA - Washington - Uniques Unicycle Club - Lynnwood, WA
USA - Arizona - Arizona Unicycle Club - Arizuni
USA - Arizona - Desert Mountain Unicycle Club
USA - California - Gonzo Unicycle Madness
USA - California - High Desert Unicycle Club
USA - California - Santa Barbara Mountain Unicycle Club
USA - California - Troopizi - Troop 121
USA - Connecticut - CTUni - Insane Unicyclist
USA - Florida - South Florida's Unicycling Club
USA - Georgia - Al's Unicycling Club - Yahoo! Groups
USA - Georgia - Atlanta Unicycle Club
USA - Iowa - ISUUC - Iowa State Unicycle Unicycle Club
USA - Maine - The Gym Dandies Children's Circus
USA - Maine Unicyclist
USA - Massachusetts- Team
USA - Michigan - Redford Township Unicycle Club

Unicyclists - Discussion Forums

Danish - Alt om unicykling -
English -
English - NZ -
English, German, Finnish -
French - FFM - Le monocycle pour tous
Spanish - Monociclos.Com
Swedish -

Unicyclists - Events and Meets

2005 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend
British Unicycle Convention 12 (BUC 12)
CA Muni Weekends
Eurocycle 2006
FLUCK - Denmark
German and European Events at AJATA
Germany - Berliner Einradtage
Laos Unicycle Tour 2006
Moab - Safety in the Desert! Moab Internet
Moab MUniFest -
Moab MUniFest
MONDO Jugglefest
Past USA National Unicycle Conventions
Portland Juggling Festival and Vaudeville Extravaganza
SWUM - South West Unicycle Meet - UK
UK Unicycle Meets - Circus Skills Workshop - Shooting Stars
Unicycle Tour - Alps Unicycle Tour
Unicycle Tours
Unicycling Events Calendar at

Unicyclists - Homepages 1

Denmark - Lars Lottrup -
France - Jackie CHABANAIS - French motorized monocycle
France - Monomanie, l'actualité du monocycle en France
France - Uni videos selected by Matayo - Video Collection
France - Xavier COLLOS
Germany - Dr. Wolfgang Schaper
Germany - Einart- Arne Online
Germany -
Germany - - German
Germany - Municycle - Das Einrad im Gelände
Germany - - German
Germany - Peter Rosendahl - Fastest Man On One Wheel
Germany - Unifrank - Makes a geared hub
Germany - - German unicycle trials
Germany - ! --- Einradfahren exTrEmE...
Australia - australian extreme unicycling - Tomsey
Australia - Joel Penson- UNICYCLING
Australia - Joel Penson
Australia - Mountain Unicycling in Australia -
Austria - Einradfreak der verrückteste Einradfahrer Österreichs
Austria - The Penny-Farthing Homepage
Austria - wogri (in English)
Austria - Wogri's Unicycling Pages
Brazil - Ypê Mono - Brazil - Home made unicycle
Canada - Byron Watt - Unicycling
Canada - kris holm unicycles
Canada -
Canada - Nick's Evil Page (evil-nick)
Canada - Quebec - Ici Stéphane Groleau
Canada - Royal Riders
Canada - UniSteve - Unicycle Maniacs
Czech Republic -
Denmark - Lars Lottrup - Alt om unicykling -
Finland - KIA MUni Site

Unicyclists - Homepages 2

Netherlands - Klaas Bil - All things unicycling
Netherlands - - Leo Vandewoestijne
New Zealand - Adventure Unicycling - Ken Looi
New Zealand - Muni Man Pete - eXtreme Unicycling - NZ - Peter van Boekhout
Norway - - bjornthegreat
Puerto Rico - Javier Ruiz's Home Page
Sweden - Enhjulingsfolket - Enhjuling i Skandinavien
Sweden - MUNI.SE - Swedish muni site
Sweden - Swedish Cycle Act
Switzerland - einrad unicycle monocycle monociclo
Switzerland - Julien Monney -
UK - Amanda and Matt's amazing unicycling website!!!
UK - Cathy Wood - blog - Silver Cyclist
UK - Cool.Unicyclist.Com - Joe Baxter
UK - Daniel Colyer - Unicycling in the UK
UK - joefish - Digitalfishowl Inscriptions
UK - - Midlands Unicycling VI
UK - Only 1 Wheel
UK - Phil Himsworth -
UK - Phil Himsworth - You've Lost A Wheel! - Retort Generator
UK - Rocket's Unicycle Page
UK - Roger Davies - Photo Page from Californian Muni Weekend 97
UK - Roger Davies' Page at WovenLight Web Pages
UK - Sam Saunders
UK - Sarah and Paul's Muni Page
UK - Sime's Magical Mystical World
UK - The D.M.A.T.U.
UK - THE WAGBOOK - and it was a cracker
UK - Trevs Website (unicycleboy - UK)
UK - Unicycle News
UK - Unicycle Shed
UK - Unicycles Photos by Sarah Miller
UK - Walter's Unicycle Site - UK and Netherlands
Japan - Daiki - Unicycling Performer SHIOJYARI
Japan - Jack Halpern - Kanji Dictionary
Japan - nakatch
Japan - The Kite Family
Japan - Unicycle Nagisa
Japan - video and results from Japanese competition (M. Hayashi)
Netherlands - Ardjan Vermue - Eenwieler
Netherlands - Eenwieleren - Frank Vroemen - Dutch
Netherlands - - John Bruinen - Dutch

Unicyclists - Homepages 3

US - MuniPsychos - Mountain Unicycle Pages
US - munitard - blog - briguymaine
US - Nathan Hoover's home page
US - Olga and Vova - Juggling and Unicycling
US - one wheel
US - Pink Man Home
US - Rod Wylie -
US -
US - Seth Golub's Welcome Page
US - Syko Productions
US - The Eunicycle - Motorized Unicycle
US -
US - Third World Productions - Unicycling, skiing, and more
US - TotalUni
US - Under No Influence
US - Unicycle Artist Mike McCorkle
US - Unicycle For Kids - 100 Miles for Kids! - The Goal
US - Unicycle Hawaii
US - Unicycle Jester - Jess Riegel
US - Unicycle the Taylor Way
US - Unicycle Town - - unisphyco
US - -- John Foss
US - Wally's Unicycle Page - Bill Wallace
US - Ben Plotkin-Swing
US -
US - Carol McLean - Unicycle Central
US - Chris Reeder's Uni Page
US - Corbin's Treehouse
US - David Bagley's Home Page
US - Dustin Kelm
US - Erik Erhardt Unicycle Home
US - George Barnes - GB4 Mfg
US - Gilby's Website- Unicycling
US - Greg Harper - Home
US - Jim Barlow - Jim's Juggling and Unicycling Page
US - Joey's unicycle page
US - John Childs - Backcountry Unicyclist
US - Just One Wheel - UniFanatic03
US - khtrials - Pat Smage
US - Lars Clausen - One Wheel - Many Spokes
US - Lars Clausen - Straight into Gay America
US - Mindless Films

Unicyclists - Organizations

Australian Unicycle Society
Deutsche Einradhockeyliga (EDEL)
French - FFM - Le monocycle pour tous
International Unicycle Hockey Homepage
International Unicycling Federation
Japan Unicycling Association (JUA)
NZUni New Zealand Unicycle Federation
Unicycling Society of America
Union of UK Unicyclists

Unicyclists - Performers

Anthony Soumiatin - Only Top Acts the worlds best circus performers
Association de Monocycle de Québec - Shows
Chaz Marquette - 22 feet in the air...
Circus Ridiculous- Mark Riggs- Juggler on a 10' Unicycle with a Travelling Troupe
Cirque Amongus
Duo_Scacciapensieri - Swiss performers
Dustin Kelm
Jackie CHABANAIS - French motorized monocycle
Juliana Bicycle Team - Millingen aan de Rijn - Holland
Lars Lottrup - Alt om unicykling -
Lars Lottrup -
Normand Beaumont...
Olga and Vova
Peter Rosendahl - Fastest Man On One Wheel
Pinky the Juggler
Swedish Cycle Act
The Dazzling Mills Family, Best in Family Entertainment
The King Charles Troupe - old site
The King Charles Troupe - Unicycle Basketball
The King Charles Troupe
The Russian American Kids Circus
The Straitjacket Circus homepage...
The Unicycle Lady - Leo Vandewoestijne
UNICYCLISTS entertainers available from Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency.


zUncategorized Stuff

Unicycle Equipment Ideas

Coker Handles

Coker Stoker Stems

Airbomb - Shop
Co-Motion features and options
Composite Arts & Science, CAS Custom carbon fiber bicycles
Control Tech
Gear-To-Go Tandem Bicycles
Great Adventure
MTBT - Other Component Prices
Unicyclist Community Gallery Prototype DIY handle Delta Cycle High Performance Bike Parts

Unicyclist Community Gallery jc coker handle
Unicyclist Community Gallery joemc stuff
Unicyclist Community Gallery willfcc's pics
Webshots Community - Newer Coker Handle - Curriedgoat

brake lever
Fallbrook Technologies - CVT
Pantour Products info
Pantour suspension hub
Unicyclist Community Forums - Another geared unicycle... gbarnes

1 Wheel - The Unicycle Webring
Brett Bymaster - The Trail Page
Entry of the Gladiators - MIDI 1
Entry of the Gladiators - MIDI 2
Entry of the Gladiators - MP3 1
Entry of the Gladiators - MP3 2
Entry of the Gladiators - Thread
Our Uni Page - Tammy and Tanya Marsh
Swiss -
Unicycle Tricks
Unicycles dot Net (ripped off the unicycle database list)
Wir fahren Einrad - High speed pull gliding

zUnicycle Equipment Clothing and Gear

Core Rat
Halo Headbands,headbands,sweatbands
Orchid Footwear 2005
Pace Sportswear
Roach Clothing & Protection
Skeletools - armor and pads
The Guardian Ankle Brace by McDavid at The Ankle Shop.
The Unicycle Blog - The Unicycle Blog
Vans Shoes

zUnicycle Equipment Parts 1

3G Bikes - on cog for a fixed gear or giraffe
Adjustable length crankarm - High Sierra Cycle Center
Albe's BMX Mail-Order (586) 264-1152
Arrow Racing
Boca Bearings
Coker travel bag
Continental Bicycle - Home
Continental Bicycle Tires - Top Touring 2000
Cook Brothers
daVinci Designs - Performance Handbuilt Tandem Bicycles
FMF PowerStick Aluminum Seatpost 22.2mm
Fogdog Sports - Pro-Tec BMX Ankle Guards
Greg Harper - Home - Geared Hub
Greg Harper - Home
Halo Rims
Hase Crankar Shorteners
J&R Bicycles Complete Online BMX Bike Store
Lume Lighting
MAGURA · English
Magura USA
McDavid Guardian brace MD177
McDavid Sports-Medical Products - 177 Guardian Ankle

zUnicycle Equipment Parts 2

NOKIAN bicycle tyres 2002
Nokian Deserve Them Made By SUOMI Tyres 2005
NSI-Reel Leash - A uni teather
Odyssey BMX
Pigmy 19mm ID to 20mm ID BB bearing shim - Ison Distribution
Pigmy BMX components - Ison Distribution
Planet-X Bikes - BMF DH rim
Revolution Bike - CRANK PIC & INFO
Rideable Bicycle Replicas - Custom Spokes
schlumpf innovations geared hub
Schwalbe - Professional Bike Tires
Tektro Brake Systems - BX30, BMX linear pull brake
Tektro Brake Systems
Unicycling FAQ -- Yoopers Fix Question -- Main Page
Unicyclist Community Gallery KH style 8 spline hubs
Viscount Gel Seat Cover Photos - perfect Coker gel seat cover
Viscount Gel Seat Cover Photos
Vuelta USA alloy crankarm dust covers
VXB Ball Bearings, Hobby,Skateboard,Miniature,Skate and Ceramic!
White Industries - ENO - Single Speed
WOOdman Components

zUnicycle Links - Links
Einradfreak Einrad Links
Gilby's Links
Japanese Links (M. Hayashi)
Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks
Memphis Unicycle Club - Links
Toronto Unicyclists Links Page
Unicycle Links - Wobbling Unicyclist
Unicycling Tips & Tutorials - Links Links
Google Search
Megalist of Cycling Bookmarks
Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks